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    Puerto Rico Golf

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Hole by Hole

  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 1
    A forgiving straightaway named for the notable ben coconut palm in front of the green (which is more a psychological than a physical obstacle). The only trouble here is the heavily bunkered landing area.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 2
    Requires a straight tee shot. With the wind at your back, water along the left (a recurring theme at Bahia Beach) and bunkering on the right, consider keeping the cover on the driver here. In Bahia’s spring fed lagoons you’ll find the Caribbean coot, and endangered bird, plus Tarpon and Snook.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 3
    A straight tee shot offers a broad landing area with water along the left and just short left of the green as well as tress on the right. The back of the green is framed by tall coconut palms that resemble a silent gallery as you putt out.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 4
    Requires surgical precision. Depending on your tee selection, you may have a forced carry over the lagoon to your left. The only safe bailout is to the right of the green, but hit it long and you’ll find the bunker.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 5
    It is a monster indeed – a sharp dogleg left were water beckons along the left. Choose your weapon carefully though, as a well struck tee shot can easily reach the right side fairway bunkers leaving a very difficult second shot. Your approach will be to a huge elevated green, watch out for the false front.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 6
    So named for the spirit of order and tranquility that surrounds you, this is a slight dogleg left where a good tee shot is critical. Watch out for a well-placed bunker down the left side. The approach is to an elevated green with water left and a large bailout area to the right.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 7
    Offers a strong breeze in your face at the tee and a long carry over water from the back tees. A valley like fairway keeps balls in play. A good second shot will be to lay up to about 100 yards short of the green to avoid bunkers short right and long left.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 8
    Hit your drive just to the left of the fairway bunker to avoid the lake along the left. Approach this green with caution – it's better to be a little short than long as there is water hidden behind the green. After sinking your putt, reward yourself by looking back toward the tee. The view of El Yunque is spectacular.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 9
    A par 3 bracketed by a huge wall of trees on the left and a lagoon along the right. Go for the flag here unless it’s tucked in the lefthand corner. This hold plays a little longer than you might think as you don’t feel the full force of the wind at the tee.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 10
    The waterless dogleg over which El Yunque stands sentry. The big hitter may try to drive this green, otherwise lay up for a short approach and a great distance at birdie.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 11
    This is by far the most demanding tee shot on the course (consider an iron here), but thankfully the landing area is slightly concave to collect your ball. For your second, aim for the middle of this large, elevated undulating green and hope for the best.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 12
    A splendid dogleg right. Stay left of the fairway bunker with your tee shot, or the bold player may try to carry it for a much shorter approach. Beware of bunkers lurking along the right and the ever present water on the left of, short of and behind the green.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 13
    This bewitching, slight dogleg left requires a soft draw between the bunkers. A valley through the middle of the green will result in interesting putt breaks. Behind the green on the left is a heavily vegetated island, which has been preserved as a bird sanctuary.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 14
    This is the place to regain your composure, and possibly your score. A big hitter’s hole, the wind if from right to left and the fairway is expansive. Play it safe here and lay up for a short approach to this large green, which half-juts into the lake on the left.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 15
    An interesting split-tee hole completely guarded by a huge bunker left and a marvelous leather fern wetland right. A stiff breeze is in your face and the green is narrow. This hole will test your short iron skills.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 16
    The first of three magnificent finishing holes. Behind you is the mouth of the Espiritu Santo River and the sound of the ocean surf is on the breeze. The wind is at your back and an open, forgiving fairway lies before you. Go for it.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 17
    Classic target golf – a par 3 protected by water in the front and bunkers to each side. The wind and the contour of the green will help you work the ball from right to left. The safe shot is long but it will leave you with a delicate chip shot.
  • Bahia Beach Gold Course - Hole 18
    Beware of the lake completely flanking the left side of this difficult finishing hole. Thankfully, the fairway opens up at the landing area where you should have a clear shot into an oversized undulating green.

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